Customer Reviews

“Thank you Rick, your artwork in your photos are incredible and we thank you for all those beautiful photos” – Lee Miller

“When Rick Cline posts a picture of you in a drag boat [Instagram], it means just a little bit more. Thank you Rick” – Steve Penberthy

“Dang Rick… every time you post a photo I think it is the best one.. Then here comes another killer shot!! You are awesome!” – Ron Sapp

“Rick, you are the best at capturing the moment of a drag boat.” – Bill Scarborough

“Your pictures of the drag boats make my day, I am a major fan of your work.” – Jay Bernard

“Enjoyed ur photos over many years of following boat drags. Great work well done.” – Lynda Jensen

“So many great memories…. thanks for all your great photography Rick…” – Sue Braaksma

“Thank you Rick Cline for a body of work that defines what Drag Boat Racing is all about!” – Billy Dall

“Best photographer in boat racing” – Jeff Fulgham

“This photo was a perfect example of why Rick is the best boat racing photographer in the business” – Carter Read

“Dang Rick Cline. You have so many great shots and all the info to go with them. Thank you for taking the time to share” – Randy Krohn

“What an awesome shot Rick!!! As always!!! Thank you for sharing!” – Kebin Kinsley

“You take awesome pictures Rick. I like seeing all of them that you post.” – Brad Tuttle

“I love all the pics from your vintage vaults Rick!!” – Pam Walker

“You have captured a lot of great action shoots thanks for sharing them Rick” – Dale Lambert

“My dad started racing in 1981. I looked at these boats and drivers the same way I looked at professional baseball players or WWF wrestlers. I knew everyone’s boat name, boat # and the driver’s names. You bring a lot of joy to people with the great photos you produce. Thanks for doing what you do.” – Robb Burklin

“Rick Cline is the master” – Jeff Donnell

“I’m more of a Drag Racing guy but Drag Boats are awesome, the pictures that Rick takes are some of the best action shots I’ve seen …….” – Tim Ferrell

“I have many nice photos of both boats I’ve owned in two different classes over the years. I highly recommend RCP !” – Rick Mills

“Another great picture, Everyone of us appreciates everything you do!” – Jimmy Bartoli

“Rick Cline is the best photographer out there, you’re awesome always get good shots of everything everybody” – Dave Promnitz

“I’ve always admired your amazing photos” – Donald Finch

“You know more about the good old boat racing then any one I know” – Rod Corning

“Great pic Rick, 24 years ago! Where did the time go…” – Cliff Bingham

“Thanks Rick, these are awesome and like Joe said Jim Jack you were always there thanks Rick Cline, you making me want to drive one again” – Charlie Fegan




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