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Facebook users offer words of praise for Rick Cline Photography

You are one hell of a photographer…” – Eddie Parker

Holy smokes, it doesn’t get any cooler than that Rick Cline nice shot…” – Jeff Martin

“Rick Cline is the best photographer out there you’re awesome always get good shots of everything everybody” – Dave Promnitz

So many great memories… thanks for all your great photography Rick...” – Sue Braaksma

“Thank you Rick your artwork in your photos are incredible and we thank you for all those beautiful photos.” – Lee Miller

You have captured boat racing in its best years, thank you for sharing these awesome photos you have taken. Very much appreciated.” – Jeff Martin

No one takes pictures as well as you do, I think people will be demanding your services! – Randy Hicks

“Thank you Rick Cline for a body of work that defines what Drag Boat Racing is all about!” – Billy Dall

You go! You have such amazing photos. – Gail MacEachron Jeffreys

“This photo was a perfect example of why Rick is the best boat racing photographer in the business”  – Carter Read

Rick you take super pictures……THANKS...” – Leo Klein

“Dang Rick Cline. You have so many great shots and all the info to go with them. Thank you for taking the time to share.” – Randy Krohn

“Rick, your archive of photos and your talent is unsurpassed.” – Jeff Quigley

And Nobody Does it Better.” – Lee Miller

“Nobody takes boat racing pictures like you!” – Bob Holt

“Once in my life I wish I could take a picture like that. Just one. Rick Cline does it all the time.” – Kevin Beck

“Rick, your photos are amazing.” – Marvin Savage

“The coolest part of Rick’s ART is that they were all done BEFORE digital cameras… One of the best drag boat photographers EVER…!!!!” – Gary Payne

Love the older pictures Rick. You are a true drag boat historian.” – Randy Krohn

Working Tech back in those days, you bring back such wonderful memories, thanks Rick.” – Scott Haynes

“Rick, you are one of the media GREATS in this west coast boating world. Along with all the photos of the race boats, you even had time to send me an exploded view of our mini boat tests (Hot Boat) back in 1988. You stated that you never saw both “CF numbers” and the prop, while the driver didn’t even get wet. We have your blown up photo in our “party room” in Havasu. Thank you!” – George Shilala

Great shot’s Rick, you are the best.” – Bobby Ball

“Dang Rick… every time you post a photo I think it is the best one.. Then here comes another killer shot!! You are awesome!” – Ron Sap

Your one hell of a photographer… – Leo Klein