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Facebook users offer words of praise for Rick Cline Photography

You are one hell of a photographer…” – Eddie Parker

Holy smokes, it doesn’t get any cooler than that Rick Cline nice shot…” – Jeff Martin

“Rick Cline is the best photographer out there you’re awesome always get good shots of everything everybody” – Dave Promnitz

So many great memories… thanks for all your great photography Rick...” – Sue Braaksma

“Thank you Rick your artwork in your photos are incredible and we thank you for all those beautiful photos.” – Lee Miller

You have captured boat racing in its best years, thank you for sharing these awesome photos you have taken. Very much appreciated.” – Jeff Martin

No one takes pictures as well as you do, I think people will be demanding your services! – Randy Hicks

“Thank you Rick Cline for a body of work that defines what Drag Boat Racing is all about!” – Billy Dall

You go! You have such amazing photos. – Gail MacEachron Jeffreys

“This photo was a perfect example of why Rick is the best boat racing photographer in the business”  – Carter Read

Rick you take super pictures……THANKS...” – Leo Klein

“Dang Rick Cline. You have so many great shots and all the info to go with them. Thank you for taking the time to share.” – Randy Krohn

“Rick, your archive of photos and your talent is unsurpassed.” – Jeff Quigley

And Nobody Does it Better.” – Lee Miller

“Once in my life I wish I could take a picture like that. Just one. Rick Cline does it all the time.” – Kevin Beck

“Rick, your photos are amazing.” – Marvin Savage

“The coolest part of Rick’s ART is that they were all done BEFORE digital cameras… One of the best drag boat photographers EVER…!!!!” – Gary Payne

Love the older pictures Rick. You are a true drag boat historian.” – Randy Krohn

Working Tech back in those days, you bring back such wonderful memories, thanks Rick.” – Scott Haynes

Great shot’s Rick, you are the best.” – Bobby Ball

“Dang Rick… every time you post a photo I think it is the best one.. Then here comes another killer shot!! You are awesome!” – Ron Sapp