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Award-winning photography since 1981

When it comes to your business and professional photographic needs, Rick Cline Photography is just a phone call or email away. A professional photographer you can count on and trust, a man who will get the job done the way you need it at a price you can afford.

A skilled professional photographer, I have the knowledge and quality photographic equipment your project needs to produce the high-end results you deserve. Starting in the photography business (in 1981) using the film medium, I made the transition to digital capture many years ago. I am very comfortable with this exciting new technology and have the know-how to use it. While no job is too small or too large, I am pleased to provide my clients with the honest and reliable experience they need. Prompt and affordable photography services that best represents you, your company and your products in the best way possible. A professional you can count on and a man who is comfortable working on location.

Motorsports Photography:

My first experience in photography came at a young age while in the sport of surfing. But it wasn’t until 1981 that I turned professional. A native Californian, I have earned several awards for professional photography and photojournalism.My images have been published around the world in hundreds of publications including the National Enquirer and The Los Angeles Times to name only two. In addition to photography I have written three books and enjoy many outdoor activities.

My first exposure to drag racing came at Lions Drag Strip in Wilmington, California, around 1964. I once raced a 1955 Chevy at OCIR, Orange County International Raceway, in Irvine, California. Raised in a power-boat family who spent nearly every summer water-skiing, it seemed almost second-nature to take interest in drag boat racing. As a result in 1981 I turned to the exciting sport and became deeply involved.

For over ten years, I was the unofficial historian for the IHBA (International Hot Boat Association). My race stories and photographs appeared in many publications including; National Race Boat, Powerboat Magazine, Trailer Boats Magazine, Hot Boat Magazine, National Drag Boat and many others. During my years in powerboat racing I also covered circle boats, K-boat and Unlimited Hydroplane races, and did various work for the APBA (American Power Boat Association). Following the 1986 drag boat season I produced a high-quality full-color drag boat poster, “The Liquid Quarter Mile.” Five years later in 1991 I followed it with another classic, “The Liquid Quarter Mile – Part 2.” Both can still be purchased right here on our website.

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